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VIP Gateway offer car leasing, part exchange, VIP car leasing, business contract hire, new cars and used cars. Our long client list shows how passionate we are when it come's to looking after every individual and there motoring needs.

At VIP Gateway, no matter who you are we are happy and excited to look after you.

Prestige Car Finance

When it come’s to finance packages on cars, a dedicated and tailored option to suit and match each individual's expectations is what we pride ourselves on. By offering a competitive and flexible option, we are able to match our client's requirements rather than a one size fits all approach.

Personal Car Leasing

We want to help you find a car, and our dedicated leasing and finance website carleasingcontracts.com, has the best deals available for everybody.

Business Car Leasing

Carleasingcontracts.com not only covers personal car leasing, but if you or somebody at your business needs help with a vehicle, we can help. We have supplied multiple business fleets and individuals in the business sector.

Vehicle Sourcing and Sales

We can find any car for you, and tailor it with our special finance options. Alternatively, our dedicated used car sales website Gateway Motorcars has an extensive library of luxury vehicles at great prices.


Something about your future car you may not like? Then get in touch, we have a dedicated in house team that can carry out all prepping aspects of your vehicle, and we also work with our partner customisation houses to undertake all sorts of work.